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Cycles - A Woman Reclaiming Her Purity Through God


Book cover design


Deziray Taylor



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The Book

“Cycles” by Deziray Taylor emphasizes the challenges of a young woman whose destiny was at stake due to her background, naive decisions, and her relationships, which hindered her from pursuing her God given purpose.  It reveals the root of how Isabella’s life changed and continued to be stuck in the same predicament, but with different people.  The only way for her to get out of the vicious Cycle was by letting down her life to follow God.  This book shares Isabella’s testimony as a way to underline generational curses, the importance of self worth, accountability, healing, and a revelation to show that God can truly save anyone regardless of how many skeletons you may have in your closet.  This book was written in hopes for readers to not only sympathize with Isabella’s story, but to analyze their own lives so they would allow God to heal and restore their faith from the inside out.  Regardless of what anyone has done in this world, we are all capable of being “Taylor-made” through Christ. Support the author at

Cover Art Style

The cover art for Cycles uses water color painting style of digital art that leaves a little room for interpretation to the view. 2 souls are caught in a seemingly eternal cycle as they reach to clothe each other.

Art Transp BG.png

The Full Cover

The art is integrated into the rest of the cover design using similarly styled water color brush strokes in the pink backgrounds.

Cycles Cover Design Small.png
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